The need for gender diversity at board level has been a high-profile governance issue for investors, companies, and the broader community for several years now. For the UK, in particular, 2020 marked a benchmark year for the FTSE 350 as the deadline for achieving the Hampton-Alexander targets — a minimum of 33% representation of women on boards — loomed, having been set for December 31, 2020.

In the aggregate, the FTSE 350 met the minimum board target during the year. That said, it was not without its laggards, and even the boards that have kept pace will need to stay focused in order to meet ever-evolving investor and societal expectations. To help take stock of the journey so far, and what comes next, Glass Lewis has produced a special report, Gender Diversity in the FTSE 350. Our report:

  • Includes an interview with Denise Wilson OBE, CEO of the Hampton-Alexander Review;
  • Outlines the background to progress against gender diversity initiatives in the UK to date;
  • Juxtaposes the UK gender diversity framework with that of its European equivalents;
  • Highlights indicative gender diversity statistics from the FTSE 350 covering 2018 to 2020; and
  • Provides an overview of the changes in Glass Lewis policy on gender diversity in the UK from 2020 to 2021.

Glass Lewis customers can download the Gender Diversity in the FTSE 350 report on Viewpoint or through our Governance Hub. If you are not a Glass Lewis customer, please click below to download your copy.

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