Companies and institutional investors can connect directly to schedule one-on-one meetings, conference calls and non-deal roadshows via the Meetyl platform.

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Raising the Temperature on Corporate Climate Lobbying

Following the Paris Agreement in 2015, companies have been pressured by a wide [...]

Sustainalytics and Glass Lewis Team Up on Corporate Governance Data Services Offering

Flexible data offering enables investors to easily incorporate corporate governance data on 20,000 [...]

Australian Financial Institutions in the Hot Seat – CBA

We examine Commonwealth Bank of Australia Limited (“CBA”) in the fifth instalment of [...]

How to Engage with More Companies Than BlackRock

In the last year alone, the Glass Lewis research team engaged with over [...]


Glass Lewis is the leading independent provider of global governance services, helping institutional investors understand and connect with the companies they invest in. Our unbiased proxy research, industry-leading Viewpoint proxy vote management service, and the innovative Meetyl direct-engagement platform, add new efficiency and impact to our clients’ governance activities.

Our teams located across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific give us a global reach and a local perspective on the important governance issues that our clients face.

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