Glass Lewis and Sustainalytics hosted a Proxy Talk to discuss the new ESG Profile Page included in Glass Lewis’ Proxy Papers.

In 2017, Glass Lewis introduced a new Environmental, Social & Governance Profile page within its standard Proxy Paper research reports. The ESG Profile Page provides our clients with a variety of measures of relative performance on ESG issues, involvement in noteworthy controversies and products, and analyst commentary.
In this Proxy Talk, we take a few minutes to answer frequently asked questions regarding the new ESG Profile, including providing insight into Sustainalytics’ methodologies for collecting and analyzing data, and how the ESG Profile integrates with Glass Lewis’ analysis.

You can listen to the audio here.


  • Matthew Raimondi, Manager, Advisory Services, Sustainalytics
  • Courteney Keatinge, Director, ESG Research, Glass Lewis


  • Introduction and welcome (0:49)
  • Background on Glass Lewis’ partnership with Sustainalytics (1:40)
  • Some background on Sustainalytics (2:46)
  • What do Sustainalytics ratings measure? (4:15)
  • What other information does the ESG Profile include, and why? (5:45)
  • How does Sustainalytics monitor and assess controversies? (7:08)
  • Peer selection process (8:57)
  • Timing of Sustainalytics updates (10:07)
  • Use cases for ESG data (11:24)
  • Will Sustainalytics data impact Glass Lewis voting recommendations? (13:25)
  • Contacting Sustainalytics (14:30)
  • Wrap-up and follow-up (15:28)