CEO KT Rabin and Head of Research Proxy Monthly coverand Engagement Aaron Bertinetti recently sat down with Proxy Monthly to discuss the latest trends in engagement, and provide some perspective on a proposed bill to regulate proxy advisory firms.

While talking about engagements between Glass Lewis and the companies we cover, Aaron pointed out that Glass Lewis does not meet as a representative of our clients but seeks to get a better understanding of the unique governance situation at each individual company.

“Our analysts are engaging on behalf of Glass Lewis to improve the value of our insights for the benefit of our clients and to achieve mutual understanding, not always agreement, between ourselves and the companies we cover.“

Aaron also mentioned Meetyl, a web-based platform that is changing the way companies engage with institutional investors.

“So where corporate access has traditionally been a portfolio manager paying a broker to arrange meetings with a company’s CEO and other executives, Meetyl directly connects investors to executives and investor relations professionals who are live users indicating their own interests in meeting.”

KT discussed the Proxy Advisory Reform Act currently being considered in the U.S. Congress, pointing out several areas of concern.

“The bill would require us to provide issuers access to our intellectual property, and then force us to provide an audience to their protests in a way which our investor clients do not support and compromises our rights as an independent research firm.”

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