In the last year alone, the Glass Lewis research team engaged with over 2,300 companies. This included nearly 1,400 formal meetings with some 1,100 companies on corporate governance and environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. While engagements and meetings can vary across institutions, that’s more than BlackRock’s much-publicized stewardship team disclosed in its most recent stewardship report.

Glass Lewis is the leading independent provider of global governance services. It has over 1,300 institutional investor clients holding $35 trillion under management. The explosive growth in the number of companies wanting to meet with its research analysts and the need to respond to the growing investment stewardship demands from their investor clients led them to Meetyl. With just six primary users on the platform (representing an analyst team of 70 dedicated to engagement), the number of companies they met with grew by almost 200%.

What is Meetyl?

Meetyl is perhaps best known as corporate access on demand. Its users can leverage thousands of live users from companies and investors around the world, along with their own imported contact lists, to automate and streamline the targeting, matchmaking, scheduling, logistics and reporting of their corporate access activities.

In 2012, we started with non-deal roadshows for IROs. Now, whether a user is on the buy side, sell side or part of a company’s investor relations team, and wherever they are around the world, they can plan and execute successful investor days, analyst calls, earnings call-backs, conferences and marketing trips.

However, as discussed in a recent post, the most surprising growth in our users has been companies and investors using Meetyl for corporate governance and ESG engagements. Meetyl may be corporate access on demand, but it is also quickly becoming the place for corporate governance and ESG engagements too.

How did Meetyl help Glass Lewis? 

Perhaps inspired by their San Francisco headquarters, the analyst team at Glass Lewis decided to scale from less than 500 company meetings to almost 1,400 in just two years.

Meetyl was used in three primary ways:

1. Inbound meetings

 Glass Lewis set up its firm profile on Meetyl and disclosed the coverage, interests and availability of its analysts. Companies then used Meetyl to proactively target and schedule governance meetings with these analysts and send information including integrated decks, agendas, itineraries and messaging on the platform.

2. Website embedding

 Like other Meetyl clients, Glass Lewis hosted a link and form on its website to make it easy for companies to understand their engagement policy and quickly schedule a meeting with analysts directly using Meetyl’s technology.

3. Reverse roadshows 

 Glass Lewis’ analysts used Meetyl to plan and travel on reverse roadshows to meet with hundreds of companies at their corporate offices. Automated and detailed itineraries were produced by Meetyl to manage the meetings in 63 cities and 45 countries.

We liked Glass Lewis’ reverse roadshow map so much, we convinced them to let us share it with you!

Image: Glass Lewis

Manage all your meetings with companies or investors

As Kern McPherson, Senior Director of North American Research at Glass Lewis, noted: “There’s no way we could’ve done that number of meetings in an easier, quicker and more cost-efficient manner. The fact that we didn’t have to add headcount to schedule meetings avoided sending hundreds of emails back and forth, and not having to go searching for contacts was another big time-saver. Meetyl helped coordinate the availability of my team, and having the agenda, itineraries and reporting all in one place was a game changer.”

Many companies and investors are having the same “game-changing” experience with Meetyl. If you’re on the buy side, sell side, investor relations or stewardship team, Meetyl can drive ROI while saving you time, money and headaches. If you’d like to know more, you can request further information and get a 30 minute-demo here.