CGI Glass Lewis is pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Australian Season Review.

This Review contains a series of case studi2015 AU Reviewes that provide insight into key areas of corporate governance in practice, including director elections, remuneration, shareholder activism and M&A activity.

As in previous years, we will be reviewing and releasing our Australian proxy voting guidelines just ahead of the main 2016 proxy season. These guidelines will be influenced by the developments discussed throughout this Review and input from clients, companies, regulators and other stakeholders. We will send an update to all clients upon our Guidelines release in Q3 of this year.

Access the Report:

Those with access to can log in and find the report in the Preview/Review section here. Those who exclusively use our Viewpoint voting platform, please email your Client Services Manager to request the report.

To inquire about our services or ask for more information about the Review please email us at