SYDNEY (23 December 2015) – CGI Glass Lewis (CGI), the Australian subsidiary of Glass Lewis, the leading independent provider of global governance services, today named Daniel J. Smith as General Manager (GM) and Jana Jevcakova as Director of Research, following last month’s promotion of former GM Aaron Bertinetti as Vice President of Research & Engagement at the parent company. You can read the press release here.

“The culture at CGI Glass Lewis has always been focused on opportunity, creativity, merit, engagement and, most importantly, lifting all boats, whereby your success as an individual is directly correlated with the success of your peers. Dan and Jana have outperformed my lofty expectations of them and their success is a testament to their hard work and the amazing team supporting them,” said Mr. Bertinetti. “They are the right leaders to deliver new growth and improvements, while also providing continuity and consistency for our clients and the hundreds of companies and stakeholders with whom we constructively engage every year.”

Mr. Smith joined CGI Glass Lewis as Director of Research in mid-2014, having conducted ESG research on Australian companies since 2008. He has worked closely with Mr. Bertinetti to enhance CGI’s research offerings and support the rapid expansion of CGI’s client base.

As GM, Mr. Smith will continue to report to Mr. Bertinetti and will be responsible for overseeing all of CGI Glass Lewis’ operations and business strategy. He will also work closely with Glass Lewis’ Chief Operating Officer John Wieck and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Thompson on strategic, product and business development opportunities in the Australian and overseas markets.

Ms. Jevcakova has a financial advisory background and began her career at CGI as a Research Associate in 2011. In addition to developing exceptional ESG research and engagement expertise over the past five proxy seasons, she has also taken on ownership of CGI’s product development and product management efforts.

Ms. Jevcakova will report to Mr. Smith and lead CGI’s Sydney-based research team, which is responsible for the publication of all research on, and engagement with, more than 800 Australian, New Zealand and South African companies.

“I am humbled by the privilege of leading CGI Glass Lewis during such an exciting period for our company,” said Mr. Smith. “With a strong team in place, a new, larger office and a robust pipeline of new products, innovations and partnerships, we are well-placed to meet the evolving needs of our Australian clients for the years to come.”

About CGI Glass Lewis

CGI Glass Lewis is a subsidiary of Glass Lewis, the leading independent provider of global governance services, and has been providing in-depth proxy research and analysis on ASX-listed companies from its Sydney headquarters since 1994. In addition to leading research and engagement for more than 800 Australian, New Zealand, and South African companies, CGI Glass Lewis provides local-market support for all proxy voting clients in Australia and Asia, which currently oversee in excess of $1 trillion in assets.

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