Glass Lewis presents a preview of the upcoming 2018 proxy season for the United States and Canadian markets. Governance and compensation experts discuss the key themes facing companies and shareholders this year. Topics include increased emphasis on director skills and diversity, quantum compensation concerns, and board oversight of ESG issues.

Listen to or download the audio file here.

You can also read a summary of what to look for in our North America Season Preview Briefing here.



  • Kern McPherson – Senior Director of Research
  • Crystal Milo – Director of Research, North America
  • Courteney Keatinge – Director of ESG Research
  • Julian Hamud – Director of Compensation Research


  • Spotlight on corporate culture (2:10)
  • Board accountability, diversity & skills (4:02)
  • Investor views on climate change (6:45)
  • ESG and executive compensation (9:20)
  • Tesla: moonshot pay package (13:05)
  • Big names, big payouts (14:45)
  • Pay Ratio (15:40)
  • New Model of Engagement (16:50)
  • Dual class share structures (20:05)
  • Glass Lewis Governance Policy updates (21:18)
  • Compensation Policy updates (22:50)
  • Shareholder initiative Policy updates (24:00)
  • Meetings to look forward to (25:30)


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