As the 2018 AGM season gets underway, Glass Lewis presents a preview of the upcoming 2018 proxy season for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Senior members of the Glass Lewis research team discuss key developments of major Asian markets and the key issues facing Asian corporations and their investors.

Listen to or download the podcast here.

You can also read a summary of what to look for in our Asia preview briefing.


  • Zachary Watson – Asia Research Analyst
  • Daichi Takahashi – Asia Research Analyst
  • Katherine Sung – Asia Research Analyst
  • Du Tram – Manager of Asia Research
  • Naoko Ueno -Senior Director of Asia Research


  • China (0:55)
  • Hong Kong (3:45)
  • Taiwan (8:55)
  • Japan (11:30)
  • Policy guideline changes (22:00)

Produced by Martin Mortell


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