With the political agenda in the UK focussed on reforming poor corporate behaviour, the 2017 AGM season will provide a forum for debate on some of the most hotly contested issues. In Glass Lewis’ UK Proxy Season Preview Podcast Andrew Gebelin, Senior Director of Research, and Martin Mortell, Research Manager, discuss the most noteworthy developments and anticipated issues in the UK in 2017.

Listen to or download the audio file here.

You can also read a summary of what to look for in our UK Season Preview Briefing here.


  • Andrew Gebelin – Senior Director of European Research
  • Martin Mortell – Research Manager, Northern Europe


  • A reform agenda places corporate governance front and center. (1:00)
  • Binding say on pay votes hold issuers to account, particularly on quantum. (3:40)
  • Expectations for shareholder engagement ahead of pay changes. (7:35)
  • Asset managers join the reform agenda. (8:48)
  • The Hampton-Alexander Review raises the bar for board diversity. (9:43)
  • What about the executive pipeline for women? (12:13)
  • The Parker Review looks for 1 by 21. (13:23)
  • Issuers focus on getting their culture right. (14:55)
  • Is it even possible to measure and improve culture? Examples of meaningful change. (16:07)
  • The new norm: engaging with stakeholders is a must. (18:38)
  • Glass Lewis presents 2017 policy updates. (20:37)