ESG Profile Overview

Below is an overview of Glass Lewis’ partnership with Sustainalytics, which includes the integration of Sustainalytics’ data and ratings into our Proxy Paper reports.

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ESG Profiles

Glass Lewis features data and ratings from Sustainalytics in the ESG Profile section of our standard Proxy Paper reports. The goal is to provide summary data and insights that can be efficiently used by clients as part of their process to integrate ESG factors across their investment chain, including effectively aligning proxy voting and engagement practices with ESG risk management considerations.

Sustainalytics is a leading provider of ESG research, data and analytics.  Hundreds of asset managers, pension funds and other financial market participants around the world integrate Sustainalytics’ comprehensive ESG ratings and research into their various investment, portfolio management and proxy voting processes.

ESG Profiles – FAQs

Q: What do Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings measure?
A: Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings measure how well issuers proactively manage the environmental, social and governance issues that are the most material to their business. Based on a structured, objective and transparent methodology, Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings provide an assessment on companies’ exposure to and management of ESG risks.

Q: Does Glass Lewis determine or adjust any of the content provided in the ESG profile?
A: No. All content on the ESG profile page, including the overall ESG score, is based on data provided by Sustainalytics. The content is consistent with the data and ratings in Sustainalytics’ reports, and is not determined or adjusted by Glass Lewis.

Q: Does Sustainalytics’ research affect Glass Lewis’ research and analysis?
A: Glass Lewis’ research team reviews a variety of public sources of information when analyzing companies and making voting recommendations. Access to Sustainalytics’ research provides a valuable overview on a range of ESG-related issues, but is not a substitute for our team’s fundamental analysis and not determinative of any voting recommendations.

Q: Does Sustainalytics research affect Glass Lewis’ policy guidelines?
A: No. Sustainalytics research and ratings do not play a role in the creation or updating of Glass Lewis’ policy guidelines.

Q: Does Sustainalytics research update cycle align with Glass Lewis’ proxy research?
A: Sustainalytics updates their ESG reports on an annual basis, and the data included in the ESG Profile, including the analyst commentary, reflects the data available during the last update cycle.  As an ESG research provider, Sustainalytics’ update cycles are completed once an issuer has published both their financial and ESG data, and may not align with the proxy research update cycle. The “Last Update Date” listed in the proxy paper represents the most recent date that Glass Lewis received data from Sustainalytics. It does not reflect the date that such data was last updated by a Sustainalytics analyst.

Q: How can I contact Glass Lewis or Sustainalytics with questions?
A: Questions relating to Sustainalytics’ content and methodology should be directed to Sustainalytics. Please submit inquiries via

Questions relating to how Sustainalytics content is integrated into Glass Lewis’ solutions, should be directed to Glass Lewis. If you are a Glass Lewis client you can contact your client service representative directly, or email Corporate issuers and other parties may submit inquiries via our issuer portal at