Update Your Glass Lewis Peer Group

Our peer submission window has now closed. Another window will be open in July & August for filing made in the later half of the year. Please check back for updates and in the meantime, we’ve provided FAQs below for more information regarding peer submissions. 

Why is Glass Lewis’ accepting peers for 2021?

Beginning in 2020, Glass Lewis introduced a new proprietary peer group methodology that drives the A-F grades of our Pay-for-Performance Model. These grades are critical input to the Say on Pay recommendations we make to over 1,300 institutional investors. Under this new methodology, pay-for-performance grades for many individual companies differ substantially from what they would have been under the prior methodology; therefore, using or relying on the 2019 peer methodology will give incorrect and inaccurate results. Submit your compensation peer group directly to Glass Lewis in order to ensure that your most recent publicly-disclosed peers are incorporated into the updated Glass Lewis model.

Methodology Update

Glass Lewis now uses CGLytics governance data. As announced, since January 1, 2020, we no longer use Equilar data  in our Pay-for-Performance Model and Peer Methodology.

You can get more information from our Peer Methodology page. Or visit our blog on the topic for more information.

Why should you send an update on your peer group?

Submitting your peer group ensures that Glass Lewis and our partners have the most recent information on your company’s publicly-disclosed peers and ensures these details can be taken into consideration as we publish the most accurate research possible to our investor customers.

What is the deadline for peer group updates?

The deadline is January 15, 2021 to update peer groups for proxy filings through July 31, 2021.

How do you submit your peer group?

During an open submission window, a button will be displayed at the top right of this screen. An additional submission window will be open in July & August for filings made in the second half of the year.

Should you send Glass Lewis a peer group even if you plan no change?

Yes. This is a good opportunity to confirm your prior information and have confidence in our accuracy.

Should you let Glass Lewis know if you do not intend to disclose a peer group?

Yes. This is a good opportunity to confirm your prior publicly-disclosed information and have confidence in our accuracy. It also provides you the opportunity to explain to our analysts why that is the case, as we are not able to use peers that are not publicly disclosed in proxy filings.

Should I include more than one peer group?

Please focus on submitting the primary peer group you will use in your upcoming proxy filings.

Should I include private companies?

No. We do not include private companies in our assessment of peer groups.

Would you like to ask us more questions?

Please contact us using the “Request a Meeting” page.