Share Recall

Powered by our objective analysis of corporate governance issues, economic and financial matters and M&A transactions, the Glass Lewis Share Recall service enables lenders to maximize their share-lending program by facilitating the selective recall of shares for important proxies.

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Powerful and simple.

Share Recall empowers you to efficiently maximize the value of your share-lending program, while still being able to vote on key meetings. Every day, Share Recall’s proprietary algorithm calculates the materiality of the most-recently announced meetings of approximately 5,000 companies.

Practical materiality score.

After weighing the meeting type and a variety of governance factors, we classify each meeting into one of three materiality categories based on the level of importance.

Subscribers to the Share Recall service receive a daily email or XML data feed alert notifying them when a company in their holdings issues a proxy with a record date in the next 20 days, as well as the materiality score of the company, providing institutional investors time to cost-effectively recall shares.