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Set up a meeting with Glass Lewis research personnel outside of the solicitation period for your company’s proxy.

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We believe that discussions, at the appropriate time, can foster mutual understanding while promoting better disclosure by subject companies. Typically, these engagement meetings focus on Glass Lewis’ research policies and methodologies and participants’ respective views on governance practices.

However, Glass Lewis is not a shareholder, nor do we provide engagement or governance overlay services. As such, we are not empowered by clients to negotiate on their behalf for specific changes to governance practices or structures at companies through meetings with company representatives. Furthermore, although we are open to participating in constructive engagement, our research and recommendations are based only on publicly available information. This approach ensures that shareholders have access to all relevant information and are thus fully empowered to make informed voting decisions, while minimizing potential conflicts of interest.

Solicitation Period

Glass Lewis does not typically engage with issuers or shareholder proponents regarding issues up for vote during the solicitation period, which begins on the date the notice of meeting is released and ends on the date of the meeting. Meetings may be held if the discussion takes place in a public forum, is recorded for public access and/or is disclosed in our report.

We avoid off-the-record discussions with companies during the solicitation period to ensure the independence of our research and advice – something that is highly valued by clients – and to avoid receiving information, including material non-public information, not otherwise available to shareholders. In our experience, issuers generally try to use solicitation-period discussions to lobby for support of a recommendation or to learn what changes Glass Lewis requires in order to win Glass Lewis support for items up for vote. This is not appropriate, given that we are not empowered to negotiate on behalf of clients, who often hold different or even opposing points of views on certain issues.

However, Glass Lewis will meet with these stakeholders during the solicitation period under these circumstances:

  • When an issuer or shareholder proponent notifies Glass Lewis of a purported factual error or omission in a Glass Lewis report
  • When a Glass Lewis analyst contacts the company for clarification on a factual matter in the public disclosure

Please note that due to time and resource constraints during proxy season we significantly reduce the number of meetings we schedule from February through June each year.  Only in special cases will we have meetings during this period. If you would like to set up a meeting after season, please submit your request for a meeting in June or later.

You can get more information about our Engagement Policy here