Reporting & Disclosure

Scrutiny of corporate governance activities has never been higher; as a result, institutional investors need reporting options to address a variety of demands from clients, regulators and other stakeholders. Glass Lewis’ reporting options are designed to accommodate investor disclosure needs completely.

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Reliable and efficient regulatory report preparation.

For investment funds in North America subject to Form N-PX (U.S.) or NI 81-106 (Canada) disclosure requirements, we offer an end-to-end solution to ensure compliance and maximize efficiency. Your voting history is stored and available for review at any time in our Viewpoint platform, so you always have the ability to perform ad-hoc audits. When the reporting year ends, our client service team performs a final audit, and then normalizes and formats the data to relieve you of the burden of that time-consuming process.

The result is that you receive your information quickly and in good order so that you can conduct your review and then submit complete, accurate regulatory filings comfortably ahead of deadline. And importantly, thanks to the superior technology and diligent ballot reconciliation provided throughout the year as part of our Viewpoint service, your risk of uncovering surprises during reporting season is minimized.

Public disclosure with your design.

With the growth of organizations focused on best practice and spread of stewardship codes, more investors are choosing to disclose proxy voting activity even beyond regulatory mandate. Glass Lewis’ turnkey vote disclosure service pulls your voting information directly from Viewpoint, and displays it publicly in a website we build and host.

Your stakeholders can access the area we host via a link from your own web site, and our design will reflect your same look and feel. Furthermore, you decide what information is displayed and choose how it is presented. Provide visitors the ability to easily navigate between accounts and meetings, view voting decisions at the interval you prefer (e.g., annually, post-meeting, pre-meeting), and even view your own rationale.

Transparency that is compliant and best practice.

In the 10 years Glass Lewis has been helping clients meet their reporting and disclosure needs, the one constant in the corporate governance world has been rapid change. Our experienced staff helps you navigate the changes, to ensure your goals are met. Our team and solutions currently support clients with a number of best practice standards, including:

  • United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI)
  • Australian Government Stronger Super, and FSC Standards No.13 and No.20
  • UK Stewardship Code
  • Japan Stewardship Code