Report an Error or Omission

Let us know if you believe there is an error or omission in your company’s Proxy Paper report.

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Click the button above and please include:

  • Details on the issue, including meeting date, proposal number and title, page number in the report and the full sentence in which the discrepancy appears.
  • Information as to precisely where within your company’s public disclosure we can find and verify the correct information to revise our report. Keep in mind that we base our analysis strictly on publicly available information.

When we are notified of a purported error or omission in a report, that report is immediately reviewed. If there is a reasonable likelihood the report will require revision, we remove the report from its published status so no additional clients can access it. If a report is updated to reflect new disclosure or the correction of an error, we notify all clients that have accessed the report or have ballots in the system for the meeting tied to that report, whether or not the update or revision affected Glass Lewis and/or clients’ custom recommendations. Additionally, the exact nature of the report’s updates and revisions are clearly described in the report.