Proxy Voting Policies

We are continually expanding our offering so we can meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Explore the various policy options below for an efficient way to apply Glass Lewis’ expertise to meet your specific proxy voting goals. The policies below are fully customizable. You can also build policies from scratch through our Custom Policy option. 

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Glass Lewis Policy

Glass Lewis’ benchmark policy is focused on promoting board independence and diversity, and shareholder rights. The policy factors in a company’s unique operations and characteristics and takes a case-by-case approach with a view to enhancing long-term sustainability and shareholder value.

Thematic Policies

Climate Policy

Ideal for investors focused on mitigating risks associated with climate change. Takes a sector-based approach and is aligned with the TCFD recommendations, seeking to hold boards accountable for climate policies and incentivize sustainable performance. Click here to learn more.

ESG Policy

Supports investors with a heavy focus on promoting ESG-related disclosure and policies in portfolio companies. The policy has a strong stakeholder focus, and emphasizes issues including diversity and incentivizing sustainability through executive compensation.

Catholic Policy

Reflecting the unique fiduciary responsibility of Catholic institutions and informed by the voting guidelines of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, the policy places an emphasis on the overall social and environmental impact of investments.

Public Pension Policy

With an eye to the special fiduciary responsibilities of public pensions and their long-term investment horizons, the policy promotes good corporate governance, shareholder rights, and enhanced disclosure on ESG-related issues.

Taft Hartley Policy

Meets Taft Hartley and ERISA-related fiduciary voting responsibilities, including careful review of labor practices, company treatment of union members, and union members’ job safety.

Custom Policy

Interested in customizing your voting policy? Tailor a policy to your company’s unique perspective on various ESG issues with our Custom Policy option. Our Custom Policy offering leverages our robust, highly-nuanced rules engine technology, the expertise of our Custom Policy Analysts and the 550+ data points captured by our global research team to tailor customer voting policies based on issues, markets, key thresholds, and other relevant ESG criteria.

Interested to learn more?

Reach out to us and we’ll set up a time at your convenience to discuss our Proxy Voting Policies and other solutions.

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