Proxy Voting – Viewpoint®

The next generation of Viewpoint is ready to meet your fast-changing and increasingly complex requirements, offering the most flexible and user-friendly interface on the market.

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For more than a decade, Glass Lewis’ vote management solutions have set the industry standard for flexibility, transparency and reliability. A breakthrough for governance professionals, the newest generation of Viewpoint supports all aspects of your governance program, from the engagement you and other members of your organization do before, during and after the proxy season, to the implementation of custom policies, to the internal collaboration that results in a final vote decision, to the reporting you do for clients, management and regulators.

Technology for modern users.

Viewpoint’s web-based software is intuitive, responsive and scalable — it can grow as your needs grow. Our agile development process enables us to continuously enhance the system based on client feedback, without any downtime for users. It’s compatible with all major browsers, and incorporates best practice security protocols.

Workflow that works with you.

Viewpoint integrates seamlessly with your workflow and helps you drive maximum efficiency. The platform’s groundbreaking, filter-based workflow allows each user to build any combination of bespoke alerts and reports. Content is dynamically updated and can be manipulated easily. And now, with communication modules embedded throughout the application, you can easily collaborate with your team members, your Glass Lewis client service team and even external stakeholders.

Data-driven policy and filter customization.

Glass Lewis’ in-depth Proxy Paper reports are accessible for every meeting you vote. The same data points that are used in our analysis are also available throughout the platform as filter criteria, so you can use them to customize your workflow. In addition, thousands of these data “attributes” are available to power the implementation of custom policies, allowing the specialists on our client service team to program the cascading rules that you rely on for consistent, accurate policy implementation.

Engagement support beyond just research and voting.

Governance, once seasonal, is now something you do year-round. Viewpoint was designed to address that new reality and support the evolving needs of institutional investors. Store meeting notes, upload documents, share information internally or externally, and manage your workflow whether or not you have an active meeting for the company you are evaluating— or any shareholding at all. In Viewpoint, there is a repository for your activities that is specific to each corporate issuer, permanent, and reportable.

Complete compliance.

Account and voting information in Viewpoint is quickly accessible and fully transparent, ensuring compliance staff are empowered for regular monitoring and ad-hoc audits. Key user actions are time-stamped, logged, clearly displayed and easily reportable.

Communication among platform users is also logged and reportable. You define user access points and permissions across the entire application, including login requirements. And while your client service team at Glass Lewis delivers a reconciliation process that is unmatched in its accuracy, Viewpoint’s transparency allows you to thoroughly and independently audit the entire voting process at any time.

Smooth transitions.

No vote agent has managed the migration of more clients from competitors’ systems than Glass Lewis. With hundreds of successful transitions, we are expert at moving clients to the Viewpoint platform. Not only are you in good hands with our transition team, but our extensive experience with the global custodial and ballot distribution process means that we can do the heavy lifting.

Superior support.

Your local client service team is steeped in the mechanics of your proxy voting process, and our global office network provides off-hours support. We limit the number of clients each of our dedicated client service representatives supports, enabling them to fully understand their clients’ needs. The result is personalized, proactive service and consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. We succeed by becoming an extension of your team, reliably delivering when and how you need us.