Proxy Research – Proxy Paper®

Glass Lewis’ Proxy Paper research service features case-by-case, independent analysis of all the proposals contained in tens of thousands of meetings held each year across more than 100 markets worldwide.

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Whether you’re preparing for an engagement with one company or executing votes across your entire portfolio, you can rely on Proxy Paper for the data, research and insights that enable you to successfully implement all aspects of your governance program in a timely fashion. Our proxy research includes accurate information gathered from public sources and thoroughly reviewed by our team of analysts and issue specialists. Through that comprehensive approach, our research and policy teams effectively become an extension of your own, with you leveraging our global team to enhance and expand your own efforts.

Local market expertise, on a global scale.

Glass Lewis was founded on the principle that each company should be evaluated based on its own unique facts and circumstances, including performance, size, maturity, governance structure and responsiveness to shareholders.

Our regional analyst teams – experts in local market laws, regulations and best practices – collaborate with subject matter experts (financial transactions, ESG and compensation) and apply bounded judgment as they assess each issue on the ballot in order to make a recommendation that serves the best interests of shareholders.

Independence and client focus.

Glass Lewis believes in transparency and putting clients first. We are dedicated to providing you the tools and insights you need to drive value from your governance initiatives. We do not provide consulting services to the companies we cover, mitigating the risk of potential conflicts of interest to our institutional clients and ensuring the independence of our analysis. Read our Conflict of Interest Statement to learn how we manage and disclose any potential conflicts.

Engaged perspective.

Glass Lewis engages extensively with regulatory bodies, industry groups and individual companies to inform our policies and analysis. In addition, our research and engagement teams produce content beyond the Proxy Paper reports to broaden your understanding of key issues and keep noteworthy topics on your radar throughout the year.

Our engagement efforts are focused on areas that benefit all shareholders and not just specific clients, so you never have to worry about conflicting efforts.

Mergers & Acquisitions/Contests: Our M&A experts have analyzed thousands of proposed mergers and proxy contests, assessing transaction process and structures to ensure the best outcome for shareholders.

Boards of Directors: We examine the actions of the board to ensure the directors have acted in a manner that protects and grows shareholder value. Our reports provide extensive data about the directors, including our assessment of their experience and independence.

Executive Compensation: The proprietary Pay-for-Performance model deployed by our compensation team is unique, featuring an exclusive partnership to incorporate Equilar’s market-based peers. In analyzing Say-on-Pay proposals and equity-based compensation plans, we perform both quantitative and qualitative reviews to understand the context of equity value creation compared to each company’s peer group.

Shareholder Proposals and E&S Issues: Our dedicated ESG Research Group provides sophisticated, nuanced analysis of shareholder proposals and is a valuable resource for clients throughout the year, not just proxy season. The balanced analysis lays out company and proponent positions to give a complete perspective.