Technology Platform Directly Connects Institutional Investors and Companies, Optimizing Workflow Efficiency and Alignment of Interests.

SAN FRANCISCO – Glass, Lewis & Co., a leading global provider of governance research and technology services to institutional investors, today announced the acquisition of Meetyl, a technology company that enables direct engagement between investors and issuers.

Since 2012, Meetyl has changed the way institutional investors and companies connect with each other. Within Meetyl’s leading-edge platform, buy-side portfolio managers, analysts and governance professionals have the first private, secure way to connect directly with corporate management, while companies have an efficient, scalable technology solution for managing these engagements.

“Investment professionals prefer to communicate with companies directly and privately, and the Meetyl platform allows them to do so efficiently,” said Katherine Rabin, CEO of Glass Lewis. “The power of the service is that it facilitates engagement in a way that is disruptive to the status quo and beneficial to the entire investment chain.”

For nearly 12 years, Glass Lewis has developed cutting-edge technology and information services that are aligned with the best interests of institutional investors. Similarly, the Meetyl platform uses a proprietary algorithm and streamlined workflow to deliver best-fit engagement opportunities to institutions and companies. Meetyl broadens Glass Lewis’ service offerings while reinforcing the company’s alignment with client demand for solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, transparent and free of conflict.

The Meetyl platform includes several tools to significantly improve transparency and control for the investment community, including:

Key features for investors:

A comprehensive database of public companies broken down by sector, sub-sector and end market, designed and developed by buy-side and sell-side investment professionals.

Intuitive dashboard that enables investors to identify high-value meeting opportunities and schedule face-to-face meetings with corporate management quickly and easily.

Actionable data, including focus lists and powerful screening tools.

Key features for companies:

Knowledge-based technology that enables companies to identify best-fit investors, including those who indicate a specific interest in meeting with that company.

Web-based facility for scheduling individual meetings and organizing road shows.

Results-oriented reporting and analytics to measure the impact of engagement activities.

“Investors and issuers are looking to engage with each other without having to depend on a third-party provider,” said Jeffrey Tha, CEO of Meetyl. “The combination of Glass Lewis and Meetyl services streamlines this engagement process and helps everyone communicate more efficiently and directly, from portfolio managers and governance professionals to corporate management and company directors.”

About Glass Lewis

Glass, Lewis & Co. is a leading provider of governance services that support engagement among institutional investors and corporations through its research, proxy vote management and technology platforms. Glass Lewis empowers institutional investors that collectively manage $20 trillion to make sound voting decisions at more than 20,000 meetings a year by uncovering and assessing governance, business, legal, political and accounting risks at issuers domiciled in 100 countries. Founded in 2003, Glass Lewis is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Washington D.C., Ireland and Australia. For more information on Glass Lewis, visit

About Meetyl

Meetyl was founded in 2012 by former Wall Street and technology professionals who together have greater than 50 years of investment and enterprise software experience. Meetyl changes the way companies target and connect with institutional investors for the purpose of scheduling non-deal roadshows, one-on-one meetings and conference calls. Meetyl specializes in corporate access services, and is the only live, active network that uses a proprietary algorithm to connect institutional investors and companies based on overlapping, user-defined interests.  For more information on Meetyl, visit