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Incorporating environmental and social factors into proxy voting workflow, policy and engagement practices is becoming the norm among institutional investors. We offer a suite of options that combine in-house fundamental analysis and data from best-of-breed partners.

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Objective, informed analysis on shareholder proposals.

Glass Lewis’ in-house team provides thorough, contextual analysis of all shareholder resolutions, coupling summaries of assertions from both the company and the shareholder proponent with thoughtful, informed perspective.  Our E&S team provides company-specific recommendations based on careful consideration of the proponent’s request, relevant data, best practice, and company performance.

Deep-dive special reports on critical issues.

The Glass Lewis E&S team commonly authors special reports exploring topics of interest on a more granular level, informing our clients, as well as our policies and analysis, of company performance and shareholder proposals. Topics in recent years have been board gender diversity; linking compensation and sustainability; and sustainability reporting frameworks. In addition to these long-form reports, our research team is available as a resource to clients on a year-round basis.

Incorporating accountability on E&S performance into your voting decisions.

Glass Lewis’ proxy voting service offers a diverse array of ESG data attributes for our clients to incorporate into their custom proxy voting policies. Clients can select which issue categories they care about, and how they would like company performance in those areas to translate into voting decisions.

Objective data and portfolio analytics to manage your E&S investment mandates.

Many institutional investors choose to divest from certain types of investments, or are under mandate to avoid exposure to specific industries or geographies. Glass Lewis offers a variety of solutions that provide objective, accurate data to ensure your compliance. Whether you need a tailored data feed to screen some types of companies from your portfolio, or a comprehensive, web-based solution for evaluating your investments from multiple perspectives, we have a solution that is reliable and global.

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