Climate Policy

A Glass Lewis Thematic Voting Policy

Glass Lewis’ thematic Climate Policy reflects a commitment to developing a solution for institutional investors who seek to incorporate the risks and impacts of climate-related issues. The policy, which is aligned with Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), ensures companies are effectively overseeing and managing climate risk. Clients are also able to work with our team of policy analysts to customize the policy to their specific environmental, social and governance requirements.

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A Tiered Approach Rooted in Financial Materiality

The Climate Policy allows clients to focus on the highest-emitting companies in their portfolio and seeks to ensure that these companies are effectively managing their greenhouse gas emissions. The policy ensures your vote reflects that companies with increased exposure to climate risks have commensurately robust climate mitigation policies.

The policy considers the size of the company and its industry, applying different, more rigorous standards for companies with higher exposure to climate-related risks.

The policy is constructed around 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 consists of Climate Action 100+ companies.
  • Tier 2 consists of companies in industries that the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) have identified as having a financially material risk due to GHG emissions.
  • Tier 3 comprises companies that have lower exposure to emissions-related risks.


Align your policy with the industry standard for climate reporting. The policy is built around recommendations of the TCFD, which provide a transparent and comparable framework for public companies to manage and disclose climate-related risks. This enables investors to take a consistent voting approach to managing climate-related risks.

Accurate & Current Data

The ESG landscape is changing fast. We collect data at the time of a company’s annual meeting disclosures.  This ensures the policy is voting according to company data points collected from most recent public disclosures, unlike other industry metrics that may be one or even two years old.

A Robust ESG Solution…

Leverage our ESG expertise. The policy provides a robust and considered approach to sustainability issues right out of the box. Using the Glass Lewis Climate Policy allows you to vote in a manner that is consistent with your responsibilities and perspective, and saves you the time and resources required to develop a policy from scratch.

…That’s Endlessly Customizable

Glass Lewis’ policy solutions include fully customizable recommendations to meet your specific requirements. Building on the Glass Lewis Climate Policy, our dedicated Custom Policy team can leverage hundreds of additional data points to reflect your voting priorities. The policy can be amended to take your organization’s unique policies and priorities into account.

Interested to learn more?

Reach out to us and we’ll set up a time at your convenience to discuss our Climate Policy and other solutions.

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