Class Action Recovery Service – Right Claim

Securities class actions are being filed and settled at a record pace, yet billions of dollars in settlements go unclaimed by plan sponsors, funds and money managers. Right Claim is our comprehensive solution to help you identify settlement opportunities and maximize recovery.

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An easier way to maximize recovery.

Many institutional investors fail to recover money they are entitled to because the process is complicated, tedious and time-consuming. With Right Claim, you can reduce your workload and maximize your recovery potential. From simplifying the identification of trades that qualify for settlements to following up on rejected claims, the service – directed by experts in class action recovery – does most of the work for you.

Comprehensive analysis and accurate filings.

The Right Claim database contains information on hundreds of pending settlements across thousands of active cases. Using our proprietary software, Right Claim analyzes every trade in every client account to identify the appropriate “recognized loss” under the plan of allocation for each settlement. We then free you from the tedious process of filling out dozens — sometimes even thousands — of claim forms by doing this work on your behalf, accurately and completely.

Complete end-to-end service.

Right Claim is the only service that has computerized every detail of the plan of allocation, claim identification and filing processes, ensuring accuracy through every step for institutional clients of all sizes. This lets us take responsibility for all aspects of claims management – from matching the data, to filing the claim, to calculating the loss and, importantly, following up on all rejected claims. And our online reporting allows you transparency into the entire process, from claims management to auditing.

Flexible pricing models.

Right Claim offers clients the ability to choose between a fixed fee, a contingent fee, or a combination of both options.