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The Glass Lewis Blog is regularly updated with information of use to our institutional investor clients including our insights on major corporate governance news, replays of Proxy Talk conference calls, and the publication of new guidelines, season previews, season reviews and special reports.

France to Introduce Binding Pay Votes … In Some Form

The remuneration of top executives has been in the French Government’s crosshairs since François Hollande and the Socialist Party came into power in 2012, and now the French National Assembly has adopted a draft law [...]

By |September 22, 2016|Blog|
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Game over for Ubisoft?

Ubisoft’s September 29 shareholder meeting looks set to be a fraught affair due to the entrance of Vivendi on the company's share register. Vivendi, under the direction of its chairman, Vincent Bolloré, has been building [...]

By |September 20, 2016|Blog|

Is Russia Easing Administrative Burdens, or Cutting Minority Shareholders Out?

Russia’s Federal Law on Joint Stock Companies seems to undergo constant revision and this year has proved no exception. Of the changes being enacted, one particular set of amendments relating to “major transactions with interested [...]

By |September 16, 2016|Blog|
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Sports Direct’s AGM: From Casino to Circus

As the dust settles on Sports Direct’s circus-like 2016 AGM, shareholders might well be feeling a little less than satisfied with the events of September 7th. The palpable tension which had mounted in the months [...]

By |September 14, 2016|Blog|
  • regulatory_matters

Glass Lewis Statement on H.R. 5983, the “Financial CHOICE Act of 2016.”

The written statement of Katherine Rabin, Chief Executive Officer of Glass, Lewis & Co. for today's markup of H.R. 5983, the "Financial CHOICE Act of 2016."   Submitted September 13, 2016, to the U.S. House [...]

By |September 13, 2016|Regulatory Matters|
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2016 Brazil Proxy Season Review

From a proxy voter's perspective, the 2016 Brazilian proxy season was, as in past years, marred by insufficient and untimely disclosure, not to mention continued voting obstacles. Investors are longing for the 2017 implementation of [...]

By |September 13, 2016|Blog|
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NZX Publishes New Draft Governance Code & Calls for Comments

It's been over a decade since New Zealand's corporate governance code was last updated; now the NZX is asking investors, issuers and other stakeholders for their thoughts on proposed changes. Following a review of reporting [...]

By |September 11, 2016|Blog|
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2016 Japan Proxy Season Review

The 2016 proxy season was widely expected to build on the notable improvements and encouraging trends prompted by Japan’s recent legislative and regulatory efforts to strengthen its corporate governance practice. This was broadly the case [...]

By |September 1, 2016|Blog|
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Proxy Monthly Interview with KT Rabin and Aaron Bertinetti

CEO KT Rabin and Head of Research and Engagement Aaron Bertinetti recently sat down with Proxy Monthly to discuss the latest trends in engagement, and provide some perspective on a proposed bill to regulate proxy [...]

By |September 1, 2016|Blog|
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2016 North America Proxy Season Review

2016 has been a banner year for shareholders seeking access to corporate boardrooms. Proxy access is becoming a more established practice, with many large U.S. companies having adopted a now-standard 3%/3-years provision prior to [...]

By |August 31, 2016|Blog|
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