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Proxy Season Insider: Barrick Gold

TSX: ABX    Meeting Date: 04/28/2015

Canada’s largest gold company may be in for a contentious annual meeting focused around executive pay issues – a repeat, in some sense, from two years ago. Once again, chairman John Thornton’s pay package is being scrutinized by shareholders, not only for its sheer size but also for its exclusion from the incentive plans governing the pay of other executives.


Proxy Season Insider: HSBC Holdings plc

LSE: HSBA    Meeting Date: 04/24/2015

While the Company has publicly apologised for recently-revealed behaviour at its private bank, and has stated that there has been a major overhaul of its operations and culture there, it remains to be seen whether such assurances will be enough to secure the high approval levels to which the Company’s directors are generally accustomed.

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Proxy Season Insider: General Electric

NYSE: GE    Meeting Date: 04/22/2015

Despite being one of the oldest companies trading on the NYSE, General Electric is taking a cutting edge, proactive approach to corporate governance, by voluntarily amending its bylaws earlier this year to provide shareholders with proxy access.

Executive Compensation Outlook for 2015, from Proxy Preview

Proxy Preview
David Eaton, Vice President of Proxy Research, Glass Lewis & Co.,  has authored an article on the executive compensation outlook for 2015.  He discusses several current developments including pay structure improvements, enhanced disclosure, and more meaningful company-investor engagement. Read the full article here.


Proxy Season Insider: Vivendi

NYSE Euronext Paris: VIV    Meeting Date: 04/17/2015

It seems like a win-win for the now reconciled management of Vivendi and dissident shareholder P. Schoenfeld Asset Management (PSAM) at the upcoming annual meeting. Other institutional shareholders and advocates of good governance, on the other hand, are likely to be somewhat disappointed.