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Rushing to Tip the Scales towards Controlling Shareholders in Italy

imbalanced scales

Institutional shareholders are losing ground in a little-noticed battle for equal treatment of all shareholders in Europe. First in France, now in Italy, regulators have reversed long-standing one-share-one-vote principles.

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New Year, New UK Corporate Governance Code


The time for change has arrived again; after significant consultation over the past year or so, the latest version of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”) is now effective for all accounting periods commencing on or after October 1, 2014. In line with emerging best practices and growing investor sentiment, the Code is encouraging companies to look further into the future when assessing risk management and designing their remuneration structures.

Glass Lewis Publishes Greening the Green 2014: Linking Compensation to Sustainability

Executive compensation has arguably been the most controversial issue facing companies over the last several years. Through say on pay votes, investors have gained tremendous influence over the pay packages awarded to senior executives. A major focus of investors has been ensuring that executives are paid for long-term performance and that compensation plans are designed accordingly. At the same time, there has also been a surge of awareness around the importance of sustainability issues. These two hot topics – executive compensation and sustainability – are converging into one conversation. Glass Lewis’ Greening the Green provides the data, analysis and context for investors to further examine this area.

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A Last-Minute Revamp of Spanish Corporate Governance for 2015

Just in time to cause issuers and shareholders to reevaluate their approach to 2015 annual meetings, the Spanish Companies Act has gone through a major revision of its legal framework for corporate governance.


Barclays Chair Questions StanChart Counterpart’s Commitments

Sir David Walker, chairman of FTSE 100 bank Barclays, has taken fellow City of London grandee Sir John Peace to task over his commitment levels, publicly questioning how Sir John manages to balance his chairmanship of Standard Chartered with his other high profile commitments. Referring to Sir John’s other roles as chairman of Burberry and Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Sir David said in a recent interview with the Financial Times: “I don’t know how John Peace has done it.”