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Policy Guidelines Updated: Continental Europe, UK, Germany, France & More

Glass Lewis' Policy Guidelines provide an overview of our approach to governance and proxy [...]

FRC Announces UK Governance Code Changes, Consultation

Proposed changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code centre on hot-button issues like [...]

LSE Board Contest Brings Early Holiday for Activists

In a startling development in a curious saga, the London Stock Exchange Group (“LSEG”) has released the circular for [...]

Glass Lewis’ Revised Statement Regarding Japan’s Stewardship Code

Glass Lewis has revised its statement regarding Japan's Stewardship Code, in November 2017. [...]


Glass Lewis is the leading independent provider of global governance services, helping institutional investors understand and connect with the companies they invest in. Our unbiased proxy research, industry-leading Viewpoint proxy vote management service, and the innovative Meetyl direct-engagement platform, add new efficiency and impact to our clients’ governance activities.

Our teams located across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific give us a global reach and a local perspective on the important governance issues that our clients face.

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