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Capri Holdings: CGLytics Use Case Into Executive Compensation Benchmarking

Glass Lewis’ two-pronged approach to executive compensation analysis in the North American market is delineated between the quantitative analysis and a qualitative assessment. The quantitative portion, while anchored by the pay for performance grade, incorporates [...]

By |September 10, 2019|Blog|

Glass Lewis CEO Katherine Rabin Issues Statement Regarding SEC Guidance

On Wednesday the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued guidance related to “Investment Advisers’ Proxy Voting Responsibilities and the Application of Proxy Rules to Voting Advice.”  We look forward to reviewing the clarifications that [...]

By |August 22, 2019|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

Glass Lewis Submission to SEBI on Issues Related to Proxy Advisors

On July 29, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) issued a report submitted by the Working Group it formed in November 2018 to review certain issues related to proxy advisors. The report [...]

By |August 20, 2019|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

Proxy Season Lookback: CGG marks first binding ‘non’ on pay in France

The 2019 season marked French shareholders’ second opportunity to cast retrospective binding votes on executive compensation – and for the first time, shareholder votes prevented the payment of a bonus award, as well as the [...]

By |July 23, 2019|Blog|

BPPG Formally Launch New 2019 Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research & Analysis

Leading Global Shareholder Voting Research & Analysis Providers Commit to New Governance & Oversight Structure in Independently Reviewed Updated 2019 Principles The Independent Review Chair of the Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research & Analysis Group (the “BPPG”), Dr. [...]

By |July 22, 2019|Blog, Press Releases, Regulatory Matters|

Keeping Tabs On Indian Corporate Governance

The 2019 India AGM season is well underway. Thus far, two notable items have appeared on the radars for investors. First, existing concerns regarding corporate audits have deepened as the ‘Big Four’ firms appear to [...]

By |July 5, 2019|Blog|

Glass Lewis Submission on Spanish SRD II Consultation: Introduction of Loyalty Shares

Glass Lewis has submitted a response to the Spanish consultation on the proposed changes to Spanish Companies Law which transposes Shareholder Rights Directive II ("SRD") into national legislation. While most of the proposed changes are [...]

By |June 13, 2019|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

The 30% Club lands in Brazil

Around the world, corporate issuers are rethinking the gender balance of their boards in response to pressure from investors and regulators. Yet in 2018, 65% of Brazil’s public company boards were still comprised entirely of [...]

By |June 12, 2019|Blog|

Glass Lewis and CGLytics Establish Global Partnership to Provide Unmatched Compensation Data and Analytics

Glass Lewis integrates CGLytics data set and analytical tools for its proxy vote recommendations and custom policy offerings [San Francisco, Amsterdam, London – June 5, 2019] – Glass Lewis, the world’s leading independent provider of [...]

By |June 5, 2019|Blog, Press Releases|

Proxy Season Insider: May 22

Important highlights from upcoming meetings, provided by Glass Lewis' global research team Exxon Mobil Corporation New York Stock Exchange – May 29 Scientists have been raising alarms concerning the implications of global climate change for [...]

By |May 22, 2019|Blog|