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The Glass Lewis Blog is regularly updated with information of use to our institutional investor clients including our insights on major corporate governance news, replays of Proxy Talk conference calls, and the publication of new guidelines, season previews, season reviews and special reports.

Proxy Season Insider: March 10

Important highlights from upcoming meetings, provided by Glass Lewis' global research team: Danske Bank A/S NASDAQ Copenhagen  March 17 As its shareholder meeting approaches, the largest bank in Denmark is dealing with two of the [...]

By |March 10, 2020|Blog|

Coronavirus Fears Impacting Annual Shareholder Meetings (Updated)

As governments, regional authorities, and companies adopt measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus, we are seeing an impact on annual shareholder meetings to be held in the coming months. Coronavirus, a respiratory disease, has [...]

By |March 6, 2020|Blog|

Glass Lewis Submission to the Securities and Exchange Board of India on Proposed Changes to Related Party Transactions Relations

Glass Lewis has submitted a response to the consultation paper from the Securities and Exchange Board of India on proposed changes to related party transactions (“RPTs”). The changes that Glass Lewis commented on relate to: [...]

By |February 27, 2020|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

CGI Glass Lewis Releases 2019 Australian Season Review

CGI Glass Lewis is pleased to announce the release of our 2019 Australian Season Review. This year’s Review comprises two reports: 2019 Voting Trends & Highlights – contains a roundup of the most contentious meetings of the [...]

By |February 13, 2020|Blog, Press Releases|

Glass Lewis Comments on Spanish Corporate Code Revision

Glass Lewis has submitted a response to the Spanish consultation on the proposed changes to the Spanish Corporate Governance Code. The current proposal for the revision of the Code focuses on adapting the recommendations to [...]

By |February 13, 2020|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

Glass Lewis Submits Comment Letter to SEC on Proposed Amendments to Exemptions from the Proxy Rules for Proxy Voting Advice

Glass Lewis has submitted a comment letter regarding the United States Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the proposed Amendments to Exemptions from the Proxy Rules for Proxy Voting Advice. As a proxy advisor, Glass Lewis [...]

By |February 4, 2020|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

Best Practice Principles Group for Shareholder Voting Research Announce Appointment of Independent Oversight Committee Chair

The Best Practice Principles Group (“BPPG”) today announced the appointment of independent Oversight Committee Chair, Dr Stephen Davis. Dr Davis’ appointment follows extensive stakeholder consultation and publication of the BPPG’s new 2019 Best Practice Principles [...]

By |January 31, 2020|Blog, Press Releases, Regulatory Matters|

Glass Lewis Comment Letter on Proposed Revisions to Japan’s Stewardship Code

Glass Lewis has submitted a comment letter on proposed Revisions to the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors ≪Japan’s Stewardship Code≫. In particular, Glass Lewis shared comments regarding the new Principle 8, which provides guidance to [...]

By |January 28, 2020|Blog, Regulatory Matters|

Glass Lewis Opens Tokyo Office, Names New VP of Asian Research

Global Governance Firm Further Expands in Asia-Pacific TOKYO (22 January 2020) – Glass Lewis, the leading independent provider of global corporate governance services, today announced the opening of a new, full-service office in Tokyo, Japan. [...]

By |January 21, 2020|Blog, Press Releases|

Glass Lewis on Worker Participation: An Overview of Employee Ownership and Representation

In the past thirty years, more and more attention has been paid to the effects of employee participation on company performance. What might be the effect of it on long-term company performance? How could increased [...]

By |January 16, 2020|Blog|