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Emmet is an analyst covering the Central European region.

In France, A New Code for New Times

Last week AFEP, the French Association of Large Companies, and MEDEF, the Movement of the Enterprises of France, released an updated version of their corporate governance code, which is followed by virtually all large- and [...]

By |June 28, 2018|Blog|Comments Off on In France, A New Code for New Times

Broadening the Boardroom

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has recently backtracked on her proposals to increase employee representation on boards. It was an idea which had largely been confined to the wilderness of UK governance for several decades [...]

By |January 9, 2017|Blog|Comments Off on Broadening the Boardroom

What Does the Pay Say?

The increasing spotlight on executive compensation shows no sign of abating, with the topic remaining a hot-button issue for shareholders and the general public alike, leading to critical headlines and political exhortations across the globe. Indeed, [...]

By |November 23, 2016|Blog|Comments Off on What Does the Pay Say?
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